Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am thankful for John Green

First, I have to say that I bought Paper Towns when it came out in 2008 and liked it.

And that was the extent of my experience with and appreciate for John Green.

AACCKK!! How foolish am I??? All these years I have missed out on the wit, the hilarity, the now-accumulated 904 video blogs that John and his brother have posted to one another! It's a travesty, and I can't allow it to happen to you, my friends; so I am spreading the good word of John Green and the Nerdfighters.

Second, I have to say that I found John Green's vlogs while Googling M. T. Anderson. Which brings me to my subpoint--M. T. Anderson is also a rock star, and I just thought he was an adorable bespectacled hipster. Nope. He's actually sort of everywhere, loved and lusted by everyone: many awesome ladies and gentlemen wish for him for Christmas and/or list him on their hot list, or get to interview him for SCBWI. Shannon Hale herself posts a hilarious interview with him, and so does Sean Beadoin. And Cynthia Leitich Smith. He's on the board of directors of the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance and particpated in the NCBLA's recent publication, The Exquisite Corpse Adventure. He keynoted this week's Assembly on Literature for Adolescents conference. So--woops! I'm just six years late to the M. T. party, and no, sub-sub-point, I am not obsessed.

So Tobin and John Green met years ago at a conference and broke into abandoned buildings together. John recorded their adventure for one of his vlogs. You can find it and the other 900 videos on youtube or on the Green brothers' site,

What are Nerdfighters? The Nerdfighters are nerds who fight--folks who use their inner awesome to decrease world suck. And we are legion! John just announced he has 1.1 million followers on Twitter. Isn't that incredible? A YA author with 1.1 million followers? Again: rock star.

John Green won the Printz award in 2006 for his first book, Looking for Alaska. His second book, An Abundance of Katherines, was a 2007 Printz honor book. Last year, he co-wrote a book called Will Grayson, Will Grayson with David Levithan; and in January, his latest book, The Fault in Our Stars, will be released! And he will be touring for it!! (Please come to Wisconsin! And bring Tobin with you!)

John and his brother Hank are hysterical and brilliant. Among their hundreds of videos, you can watch clips on John's top 5 zombie apocolypses, 31 great nerd jokes, the amazingness of Norbert Wiener, how tired John is of signing his first 150,000 copies of The Fault in Our Stars, and how it costs us 70 million dollars a year to subsidize the making of pennies. They talk about great literature, current events, Helen Hunt--just really relevant, beautiful stuff. I've logged in many, many non-NaNo hours this holiday week watching and laughing. Please join me!

Have you already fallen in love with the John? Do you have a favorite video of his to share? What literary rock stars do you follow?


  1. I was obsessed with Oscar Wilde for a while. I stalked him in history books. I might have prayed to God that He rent time and change some things for the poor chap. He died too young and too alone. Does that count?

  2. Over the summer I watched all of the vlogbrothers videos. I can't rememeber now how I wound up there, but after watching hours of the brothers Green I was almost scared to read one of John Green's books in case I didn't love them as much as I wanted to. Paper Towns didn't disappoint.

    I like John's thoughts from places (did you see the spinoff thoughts from places John showed a clip of from a guy in Africa, where he put a twist on the phrase 'two roads diverged in a wood'? Made me laugh, loudly.), but I also like his regular John Green waving his arms around excitedly while he talks about stuff videos, too. I even watch that guy play FIFA; he's too entertaining!

  3. I had never even heard of him until this! You introduce me to the best people. Um, how about up and coming literary rock stars? Michelle Hodkin. Laini Taylor (not up and coming and we met thanks to that rock star!) - love, love, love what she has done to her new house and how adorable is Clementine Pie (just the name alone!). Patrick Rothfuss. Just to name a few.

  4. @ Lorien's Leaf--Oscar Wilde! There's a true rock star. Fabulous style, fabulous friends: what's not to love? You are absolutely allowed to be a Wilde fan-girl. You're all the cooler for it. ;)

    @ Sophia-- I love that you watched all the videos! ALL the videos!! You are the queen of cool. I haven't seen yet the thoughts from places; I'm still just entranced by the arm-waving-hair-pulling-Yeti-mentioning adorableness. I just ordered the "Keep Calm and DFTBA" poster. All products tonight--just $3 shipping. How cool is that?

    @ Jennie-- Have you watched some of his videos?? Are you in love?? He's so darn cute and smart. New rock star? Michelle Hodkin? Patrick Rothfuss? I don't know them! Yay--you've introduced me to new stars to follow. :) And always, always Laini is our #1 rock star. She is the most beautiful, the most gifted, and she is, of course, our match-maker! ;)