Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Faerie Queene

Beautiful Thistledown Nursery and Greenhouse hosted their fourth-annual FaerieFest this weekend. We celebrated the coming summer with faeries and greenmen, pixies, witches, and bellydancers. All them friends, all of them magical. The most magical was of course, Queene Clarabella Snow.

She found my new bottle of lavender, made by friend Melissa of Aurora's Apothecary Herb Shop

All visiting fairies were invited to write wishes and draw pictures on slips of brown paper that were hung in the trees. The wishes come true, we were told, when the papers--whoosh!--were whisked away by the wind. Here Clara is both scribbling baby-wishes in green crayon and also devouring far too many cheddar Elmo snacks.

I took plenty of notes as I toured the greenhouse, sketching unusual pots and leaves, copying Latin names and nicknames of plants I'm sure one of my characters grows in her own greenhouse. What a fantastic way to research for my story! :)

Next year, I'll have to pull out my own wings and dance with the drummers and my sweet baby girl.


  1. She is an absolutely adorable fairy queen! You must wear your wings next year as well. I'm glad you had fun wandering around looking at plants and garnering some ideas from them! I can hardly wait to read it, even if I have to wait to purchase it!

  2. sounds like great fun! I am of the opinion that one should wear wings whenever possible.....and I keep meaning to make some of my own. (I have some 'store bought' ones, but not very good ones....I really want to make some....time, that's all I need...) One of these days I will, and they will be awesome! :D

  3. Jennie, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I've thoroughly enjoyed my little 'research' trips to the parks and greenhouses, but I'm really woefully behind in writing. Woefully. Sophia posted her word count for June so far (GO Sophia!!), and I just cringed. Honest, just-to-the-story words? I think I've written about 300. ACK! I've cut, and I've sleuthed, and it's been refreshing and delicious, but man! I've got to get back at it. New goal. I need to make a new goal. June is slipping away on us . . .

    Jennifer--Hurray! Another wing-wearer! I like to wear them to the Renaissance Faire in Bristol each August. :) And they're great for Halloween. And FairyFests. But just not lately. I'm feeling that weight that just keeps me grounded, these days. When do you wear yours? And what color will your home-made ones be? And what's your official status on glitter? :)

  4. I'm behind on my writing, too. I have yet to find a "regular" time to sit and compose. Naturally, having such a schedule is critical to getting any writing done -- as opposed to taking a minute or two here and there whenever I get the chance.

    I still cannot believe how beautiful my little pixie is. Nothing I could ever write will compare with creating her.